This is the way we work

BarnSamariten is an aid and relief organisation that was founded in 1980. Our values are based on a Christian view of humanity where all humans are of equal value, and on the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our mission is to fight poverty and vulnerability. Our primary target group is children. All children have the right to be safe and to be children. Therefore we always put the child in focus. Our contributions happen on grass root level, close to the children and their families. In this way, we create long term change for individuals as well as the whole society. We work for children’s right to education, welfare, and health.

Our goal is to collaborate with local domestic organisations or parishes that engage with the vulnerable in society. A local network of passionate people that lives close to those that are receiving aid. We want to go hand in hand with our partners in their valuable contribution to their people. They are the owners of the projects and BarnSamariten is there with inspiration, financial aid, advisors, and partners. We work primarily in Ethiopia, DR Congo, Brazil, and Zambia.

We want to be involved and influence for a better world!