Cow and goat project

Can a cow or goat really make a difference? Yes actually!

To a poor family, a cow can work as a bank. It becomes a resource that gives returns. The milk becomes a valuable addition to the families diet and the surplus is sold. Calves that are born can be sold and the income goes to the children's schooling, food and medicines. The milk from the cows is full of nourishment and the faeces is used as manure and as fuel during cooking. By giving a gift to the cow project you contribute to giving a poor family in Ethiopia a cow. The contributions for a cow have made a large difference for many people during several years and we continue the contributions in order for more families to have their situation changed. A dairy cow that is with calf when it is bought costs 3200 SEK.

Both cows and goats are bought from a livestock market with the help of future veterinarians from the university. The animals are transported by truck to the villages. Often it is the village leader, municipal leader or teacher at the village school that recommends which families are to get a cow or goat since they know where the needs are the largest. Cows and goats are given out to families that are living in extreme poverty. The families' life status changes and the animals become a gift that saves lives!

Etiopien Ko- och getprojekt.jpg
Etiopien Ko- och getprojekt.jpg

Why should I give away a goat?

To give away a goat that becomes a concrete aid for a poor family. Many families in Ethiopia live in extreme poverty and then can a goat make a big difference. The goat produces milk full of nutrients that strengthens the immune system, something that is extremely important for those who are sick, undernourished and for families with very young children. The young goats who are born are sold and give the family an income so they for example can pay for food and schooling for their children. A goat cost 350 SEK.

A cow or a goat becomes a valuable gift that changes lives!