Economy & control

Child Mercy Sweden has a 90-account (a Swedish quality label for serious fundraising organisations) that guarantees that the donations are used in the right way. The organisation is controlled by Svensk Insamlingskontroll (Swedish fundraising control) that demands that at least 75% of the collected funds are to go to the cause. This is why you as a donor can feel safe that the majority of your donations always goes directly to aid relief.

For each project, there is a special contract between Child Mercy Sweden and the partner out in the field. The contract regulates how the money is to be distributed and how the reporting and accounting is to be done. Child Mercy Sweden regularly follows up on the work in the project to ensure that the money goes there and is used correctly. The payments are done regularly every quarter so we can quickly react to any signals of problems. In the event of any suspicion of irregularities, the following payment will be blocked immediately.

Every partner gives reports, both financial and descriptive, about how the different projects work. Child Mercy Sweden's administrator also has continuous contact with the partners about how the contributions run. Every year, Child Mercy Sweden's annual report, as well as the board’s management, are reviewed by authorized public accountants.


The largest part of our funds comes from private individuals, our loyal donors form the basis for our relief efforts. Also, second-hand stores, companies and churches have a fundamental role in making our work possible.