What we do

Child Mercy Sweden works preventively and on long term basis to make sure children will get the opportunity to a positive development. In a safe environment where their rights are cared for.

We have a certain focus on equality for girls, since they belong to one of the most discriminated groups in the world. Our work stems from the UN:s Convention on the Rights of the Child. We work on a grassroot level close to the children, their families and local decision makers. In that way, we together create change for individuals as well as for the communities. Through our long term work within education, health and livelihood, we make sure that children get to grow up in safety. We always put the child in focus.

Our goal is to collaborate with local, domestic organizations or parishes that are committed to the vulnerable in society. A local network of passionate people who live close to those who are receiving aid. We want to walk hand in hand with our partners in their valuable contribution to their people. They are the owners of the projects and Child Mercy Sweden provides inspiration, financial support, and acts as advisors and partners.

Our vision – Security and a dignified life for every child