What we do

We are running our relief organization in different parts of this world but primarly we work in Ethiopia, DR Kongo, Brazil and Zambia.

BarnSamariten works mostly to give every child a possibility for a positive development in their lives, in an environment where their rights and not over shadowed. Our organization has a keen eye on girls’ equality since they belong in the most discriminated group in the world… being a girl.

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In Ethiopia we are primarily focusing on education and to stregthen young girls to prevent Child marriage. A donation towards the selfhelp project is another way to greatly support the poor population.

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DR Congo

We contribute to save girls from sex work at different brothels together with Dr. Mukwege and the Panzi Foundation. We also contribute to work-education for once raped women and children.



We work to prevent that children who grew up in the slums won’t end up as street urchins. Kindergardens, emergency centers and homework assistance is a part of this effort. Our boat clinic reaches the small river villages with health care.

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In Livingstone we stand behind a nursery home for orphans. The Alcohol abuse is common within Zambia both for adults and children, our partners work towards spreading knowledge regarding the devastating effects alcohol can have.



Orphans and children who suffer from assault, sexual assault and different forms of addiction in their home gets a safe haven on the center we work close with.

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About BarnSamariten

Our missions at BarnSamariten is to beat poverty and vulnerability. Our target audience are children. Every child should have the right to grow up in a safe environment and do what children should do, play, laugh and have fun.

All our efforts start out at a grass root level, close to the children and their families. In that way we create a long lasting change for the individuals as well as the entire community. We work for the childrens rights for education, social care and health. If you want to help us and make a difference in the world the best options are either to become a monthly giver or to visit our gåvoshop. Together we will make the world a better place.