Health and medical care

The Boat clinic

Most people surely understand the benefits of receiving quick and effective medical care. To be able to reach a doctor and receive a correct diagnosis can save a life, and prevent worry. Harmless infections in our part of the world can become life-threatening in other parts of the world. Poverty is more than the lack of income. To prevent poverty in the world we need to work for better population health. BarnSamariten’s goal is to see the whole person. Therefore, is the medical care project a part of our work. During the last decades have the global health improved, the life expectancy has increased, and the child death has decreased, but still there is a lot to do and many areas that require help.

For over 20 years, BarnSamariten worked together with Missao Pescadores, a Brazilian relief organization, to reach exposed ethnic groups. At the Boat clinic, there are doctors, orthopedics, nurses, dentists, and laboratory assistants. Thanks to this contribution have the general state of health has been improved considerably in the region. BarnSamariten gives aid to a floating clinic for the poor population in the northeastern corner of Brazill. Through the boats and staff, we can, amongst other things, give young women better and safer maternity care, as well as perform simple surgeries. At the boat, they also work with preventative care.

Brasilien Hälsa och sjukvård.jpg
Brasilien Hälsa och sjukvård.jpg

The boat clinic goes out to the islands two to three weekends a month. It is estimated that they take care of around three thousand patients each year. The medical team works non-profit and there is a planned schedule to make sure that the boat always has the right competence on board. They make sure that the health care programs that are performed should replace the void that neither the state nor municipality files. The clinic returns periodically to the villages and islands that they previously visited, to make sure to follow up the efforts and prevent that other emergencies arise. Additionally, they count on being able to prevent the occurrence of diseases, especially amongst the children who are an extra vulnerable group.

The staff works completely without profit and is ready to continue their important work to reach new areas with health care and other relief efforts.