Preschools and homework help

The target group for the project is children who come from mothers that have been raped, and they are the result of difficult and traumatic abuse. It is these children that attend the preschools we support. Today there are 25 children registered in the preschool activities and the schools are situated close to the vocational education that their mothers attend during daytime.

The preschools are located in the villages of Bideka and Luhwindja, a few miles out of Bukavu in the south of Kivu. In the project, we work towards creating a bond between the child and mother. Many of the mothers have a hard time connecting with their child after the difficult circumstances relating to the pregnancy. The children are not to blame for this, they too are victims, and it's amazing to see when child and mother are able to bond with each other. When the women carry and hug their children, you know they have come a long way. Many of these women also testify that they have learned to love their children during the time in the project and that they want to give them the best they can. Therefore, they are extra motivated to do their very best during the vocational training.

Care, play and laughter

The children attend preschool every weekday between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm. The children's health condition is initially assessed by nutritionists and a psychological assistant, and they receive regular health checks as many are ill and malnourished when they are enrolled in the project. Infections are also common in both mother and child. The children have their basic needs met within the project and they are kept in child-friendly premises during the day. But they too carry memories and difficult experiences when they come to the project. Over time, they learn to integrate with the other children and the staff and also to play and laugh.

The preschools are newly built. They are educational and stimulating environments where there is time for both play and crafts. There is also a playground with swings, carousel, seesaw and slide - this place is much loved by the children!

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