Cow project

Can a cow really make a difference? Yes, since many families in Ethiopia live in extreme poverty, a cow could actually changes lives.

To a poor family a cow can act as a bank, an asset that gives a return. The milk is full of nourishment and becomes a valuable addition to the families diet and the surplus is sold. The faeces is used as fertilizer and also as fuel during cooking. Calves that are born can be sold and the income provides for the children's schooling, food and medicines. A cow that is with calf is bought at a cattle market with the help of future veterinarians from the university. The animals are then transported by truck to the villages. Often it is the village leaders, municipal leaders or teachers at the village schools who recommend which families should get a cow, because they know where the needs are the greatest. The cows are distributed to families living in extreme poverty and receiving a cow as a gift becomes vital for the survival of many families. When you earmark your gift to the cow project, it means that we can buy and give a cow to more poor families.

A cow becomes a valuable gift that changes lives!

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