Children’s village Nakatindi

A place to call home

Outside the city of Livingstone in Zambia is the children's village of Nakatindi. It is a children's village for abandoned and orphaned children. The children's village is run by the local organization ECCT (Ebenezer Child Care Trust). Our partner works together with social authorities to take care of the abandoned and orphaned children. The goal is for children who turn out to have a relative to be reunited with them as much as possible, but many of the children are completely alone and the children's village becomes their home and security. The activities in the children's village are divided into different houses according to the children's age.

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The children stay at the orphanage from the time they are born until they are two years old and then they move to the ward which is in the other part of the house where they live until they are four years old. In each home, a few housewives live with the children around the clock and at the orphanage, there are also hired assistants as the small children need extra care. Each home cooks its own food and the home is run like a regular home. The staff has been trained in nutrition, hygiene, and first aid. There are also doctors, nurses, educators, caretakers, and custodians connected to the children's village. A basic idea has been to create a family for these abandoned children. We believe that the most natural thing for children is to grow up in family-like environments. The idea of a family home has been very successful in promoting the children's individuality and preventing them from being institutionalized. The staff is continuously trained to increase the quality of work and improve the environment for the children.

The children’s village is a rescue station for abandoned children. The youngest child who came to the village was only a few hours old. When the mother gave birth to the child, she disappeared and no one knows to this day where she is or if she is alive. This is one of many children who have been given a home and a family in the children's village.